Huh? : A 365 Writing Prompt

The 365 Days of Writing Prompt Entry for today, January 19th is:
Apply yourself: Describe your last attempt to learn something that did not come easily to you.
Well, I am sure that I have had these moments since the graduate school episode I am about to describe which took place in 1989 but one has not come to mind as much as this situation did over 25 years ago!
After nearly a decade of no serious literary study, I enrolled in a graduate degree program in English at a local state university. I had left a profession I had been in (and studied for) most of the previous decade and decided to get an MA and hopefully teach at a community college.
But one of the classes I had to take short-circuited that goal and it ended with me dropping the class and switching majors. It was a Literary Criticism course that commenced with a presentation on deconstructionist literary theory which basically is a view that the reader brings the meaning to the text. (A very simplified definition to be sure.)
I was totally lost (as I thought the rest of the class was as well.) As much as I tried I could not get my mind around Jacques Derrida’s (considered by many to be the originator of deconstructionism) ideas.
So I dropped the class.
It was hard to do as I really wanted to learn these constructs.
I have continued to enjoy good books and ones which challenge my assumptions but this one was time when I could not grasp the concepts being presented.

2 thoughts on “Huh? : A 365 Writing Prompt

    1. A very good point! And since the class was also a required one I think my options for taking it (different prof for example) were very limited. Thanks for stopping by Charlotte!

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