30 Days of Thanksgiving 5: Thankful for sanity in the midst of chaos

I am again grateful for the opportunity to respond to Suzanne Burden’s opportunity to express Thanksgiving each week and for this final segment of 30 days of Thanksgiving I am expressing gratitude for God’s grace and its attendant sanity in the midst of chaos.

There is no break from illness or ailing family and friends and accidents of all kinds happen on June 25th as well as December 25th (and November 27th as well as July 27th). Over 18 months ago I began a journey with my mom who experienced major cardiac surgery and rehab over a four month period.

One of the major results of the surgery was the need for her to be near my family and I. So after being apart for nearly, nearly 4 decades after leaving for college, from 2 to 6 hours away, we moved her 5 minutes from us.

It has been a good move. But it is a sometimes uncertain and chaotic journey.

Falls, unfortunately, have become part of her life from time to time and  have occurred  when we have been close (or fairly close) by but were in the midst of other things which required a quick adjustment of the schedule. But every time one has occurred we have been able to get to her even though two of the trips have required a visit to the local ER.

And so I am very thankful the peace AND sanity which the Lord has given to me during these times and I am grateful that I still have my mom here and are able to see her on a daily basis instead of a 3 to 6 hour drive several times a year. And I am grateful for how she was able to get the medical attention she has needed over the past now 19 months.



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