We Are __________Lord: A Hump Day Prayer

Good afternoon Father

We are not in a good mood this Wednesday!!!!

English: Angry woman.
English: Angry woman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


We are angry…

with our work

with our schools

with our communities

with our families

with our world


We are angry…

because we are tired. We are tired of inaction, we are tired of slogans that are just that, we are tired of all the demands being squeezed out of us at work, in school, at home, even in our places of worship!

We are angry and tired…

because we are afraid. We are afraid of hearing “thank you for your work, your services are no longer needed;” we are afraid of hearing, “what’s wrong with you? Why can’t you do well in math like your sister did;” we are afraid of hearing, “you and your views don’t count because ________;” and as a result we are being discarded and disregarded


We are angry and tired and afraid…

because we have been going and going and going and our batteries are totally discharged.

We fear letting go of something – a volunteer position, a sport, chasing our kids all across the county for a sport they will never play professionally

We fear of being left behind -because we say ‘no’ in order to have some sanity – spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational sanity


So Lord we are angry and tired and afraid…

We cannot keep it together at home, in the community, in the classroom,

We shout, hit, scream, withdraw

we are frayed, we are fraying, and we are getting more frayed in our souls, relationships, and lives


So we yell at you ….DO SOMETHING LORD!


But is even this the right prayer?


Or is it “Lord help us to do something?”


But what is that something Lord…

Is our fear of becoming insignificant because we are not staying up with the times driving us nuts?






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