30 Days of Thanksgiving 2

I woke up a few months ago to a voice that clearly said, “Jim, you need to be more grateful.”


Where did that come from?

I have no doubt it was the Lord. This does not happen to me very often but when it has the sense I have within me is that it is God speaking to me.

As I processed what I heard, I also began to process what it meant and this caused me to conclude:

I had been so focused on dealing with my shortcomings and my inner life and turning them over to the Lord that I had failed to notice all the good things that were a part of my life.

I was literally with my nose (and soul!) to the grindstone.

Inner work is a key part of one’s faith development and maturity as a Christ follower, but finding things to be grateful for is vital to the feeding my soul as well.

So today, I am grateful for the work of the Holy Spirit to point things out to me that I need to address!


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanksgiving 2

  1. I guess listening is one of the first steps towards gratitude.
    I also suspect that our failure to be grateful ourselves is why managers struggle to be grateful towards their employees. We are so geared towards picking up what is going wrong, that we never celebrate the small things that go right.

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