30 Days of Thanksgiving

Pastoral colleague and friend Suzanne Burden issued an invitation on Twitter to several of us to join her for Thirty days of Thanksgiving.

I said “I’m in!” and I began to write a post that was to be published Monday. Well, here it is Thursday. Life took center stage.(I refuse to say interrupted because interruptions, in my opinion, are a part of life.)

My 90 year old mother and I spent an afternoon earlier this week at the emergency room to find the source of pain that was keeping her from being able to fully function. A potential problem was found but further diagnostic tests are needed… if she can handle them. That will be addressed next week.

So her situation, as well as that of my family and congregation, have been the focus of my attention for most of this week. But a post this morning on Facebook about thanksgiving reminded me of my ‘yes’ to Suzanne and so I have come back to this draft and updated it. What follows is what I wrote on Monday:

Suzanne’s prompt in her post is:

For what are you most grateful on this day?

Oh for a pastor to answer this question on a Monday morning! 🙂

Two things come to mind:

I am grateful for the source of all Thanksgiving – the wonderful grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

In my communion meditation yesterday, I spoke of the value of saying YES to Jesus when it is easy and when it is hard as His YES in the Garden of Gethsemane led to His death and resurrection on our behalf.

I would not be where I am today without God’s great grace and mercy!

I am grateful for my family.

And by family I mean more than my wife of over 31 years and my two sons. Yes I am very grateful for them but there is my 90 year old mom whose faith has helped her through some challenging times in the past 18 months. And there is my extended family – first cousins, second cousins, even third cousins. What a great family I have.

Gratitude seems to be in short supply these days. It is easy to talk about all the wrong things in this world (and there are many) instead of looking for things to be thankful for as one way of dealing with the pain and suffering that is part of life as well.


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