Our BIG Weekend: The Daily Post

Ooh, another 10 minute sprint on anything today is the daily post challenge!

Here we go…

Well this is one of the most hectic weekends in my community

We have a HUGE festival this weekend in which thousands, THOUSANDS! of people from not just our community but from around the country and even… the world!… come

It is kind of a like a homecoming for some (probably many) as they return here, their place of birth and/or growing up, and visit with family and friends

My faith community does a baked potato booth and the cooler the weather the better the sales!

The bees tend to make one last visit to let us know they like the smells and the food and the soft drinks as well!

Period costuming is a must and while we sometimes grumble about it, it is fun.

It gets hectic at times with all of the people and if there are fewer people in the booth during rush times, WOW!

One of the highlights of the weekend  is the Raise A Ruckus performances with the local high school students and our state beauty pageant winner.

To walk our fairgrounds is to be overwhelmed with the smell of great food, laughter, colorful costumes, and a great sense of community

Fortunately, our set up and take down has been simplified by the construction of a mobile booth that is used for other fund raisers. We tow it in, position it, stabilize it, and then we are ready to go!


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