The Daily Post: Ready, Set, WRITE!!!

Write for ten minutes you say Ben

Why I can do that,

I think…

Don’t I have a lot to say?

My family says I do (sometimes it’s “much ado about nothing” though!)

(and they don’t find my puns terribly funny!)


But to write today, this day

is a challenge

Work to be done

in the midst of marching band season

your mom in the hospital

then out of the hospital

in the nursing home…

“I need my cane, my cell phone, my…

(I have about 7 minutes left)


Beginning to think about life after

this job

this season of parenting

(1 out the door and 1 left to go – in < 2 years)

The mind is full of uncertainty, stress, frustration

(Where’s your faith Jim? Don’t you believe in Him?)

Writing, a fun thing to do now becomes a challenge


And yet in the act of writing these words

I find a calming

a slowing

down of a racing mind and soul

and simply pleasure

of letting words fly…

Hum… almost 4 minutes left…


Well, there is the rest of this day

this crisp, clear, and dewy September day

fall is in the air here in Northern Indiana

Homecoming at the High school is around the corner

and the outgoing king (“O long live the king!”)

will return and crown the new one

and I (he smugly and proudly says) “I will be his driver!”


The yard calls out after drenching rains

“Give me a cut and a trim!”

the flowers … those poor flowers

are simply done for (again!) this season.


Less than 30 seconds…


So as I finish






I am done!


5 thoughts on “The Daily Post: Ready, Set, WRITE!!!

  1. This was enjoyable. I love your imagery. I could see and feel the air, the yard, the flowers. And it is true, isn’t it, that writing just for the sake of writing has a relaxing effect on our souls.

    Congratulations on getting to drive the reigning king to the dance.

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