My One Word: Learning to Listen…Differently


What great timing to read the above tweet posted yesterday afternoon as it coincided with thoughts about a post on my One Word for 2014 listen.

It has been over a month since I last posted about listening and specifically, learning to listen to my fears. Quite frankly, I have not thought much about this word listen as I have been trying to listen, to God, to others, even to myself. (I have finally begun to notice that when I react to something, I often do not take the time to ask “Why?” and then listen for the reason why.)

But the progress I have made with my One Word, no matter how much or how little that progress is, has helped me become aware of a glowing lack in my life. The lack of gratitude.

A week or so ago, I awoke to (again) sense the Holy Spirit say to me in my first moment of consciousness, “You need to be more grateful.”


a well timed blow to the solar plexus of the soul.

But, the Spirit was right!

As I listened to my guilt-ridden heart in response, I realized that while I have been working hard at following the Lord, being a better follower of Christ, and paying more attention to the things, and people, which truly matter, there was a gaping hole of gratitude in my life because I had become so focused on  being the right kind of Christian, that I was failing to express my gratitude to Him for what I already had!

So I know take time to pray, and even write down, what I am grateful for. And in line with the theme of this post I express gratitude for an increasing and Spirit aided, ability to listen.






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