My Review of Dave Clark’s Living in the Power of My Weakness

20972327I am very glad that every so often I read a book that moves beyond information and entertainment to inspiration. Dave Clark’s book Living in the Power of My Weakness is one such book.

An accomplished and award-winning Christian song writer, Dave truly does talk about his weaknesses in this book but not in a gloomy and morose way. Instead with a simple honesty, Clark talks about his struggles and as he does he reminds the reader of Christ’s sufficiency  to strengthen and empower us through our weaknesses. And while it is written primarily for those in ministry, this book is a welcome volume to those who are seeking to faithfully serve God day in and day out in life. And since the focus is on pastors and those who work and serve in a ministry, whether a local church or on mission field, Clark’s simple and inspirational tone sets the pace for soul feast that really spoke to this reader, often at a deep level.

The pages that follow reflect the steps of an all-too-human seeker on a journey to know more about the God I have served since childhood but continue to discover each day. I write not as one who claims to understand the deep mysteries of the call, but rather as one who has yielded to its leading.  (from the Introduction)

I really think that this book is an ideal book to give to persons considering the ministry as Clark offers some very important and helpful thoughts regarding how a person feels who is believe he/she is being called into the ministry:

The good news is that God doesn’t wait until we have all our questions answered or our insecurities conquered before he calls us. It is not for us to determine our readiness to serve or debate what we have to offer to the building of his Kingdom. It is enough that he has uniquely and distinctly called each of us despite our issues, infirmities, doubts, and worries. He has found us worthy.” (from the Introduction)

But those, like me, who have been in ministry for awhile also find helpful reminders of God’s ability to help no matter what the circumstances are regarding ministry and life!

If there is a positive aspect to finding yourself alone in crisis moments, it is that God has better access to your attention.

There are many such nuggets waiting to be mined by the reader. This book was a joy to read. And ss I read I felt the Dave was talking, on many issues, to me. I liked this book for its honesty and yet hopefulness of living and working in the challenging field of ministry despite our human weaknesses and frailities.

I rate this book an “outstanding” read.

Note: I received a galley copy of this book via the publisher, Nazarene Publishing House, in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.



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