Life without all of the “type” A 365 Writing Prompt

Today is the first Monday I feel that I am really “back” into my normal routine. My muse has taken a rest and is raring to go!

And like my physical muscles which need a bit of warm up before I do some vigorous working out (which I have started up again as well) I turned to the Word Press 365 Days of Writing prompts to see what today’s prompt was and if it would be a helpful warm up to get back in writing from. This is what I found:



The muse awoke and said, “Hum… life with out all the “type.” Oh this is easy!”

It would truly be a mixed blessing.

On the one hand I would slow down, (I would have to!) as I wrote because my typing I found out to my embarrassment nearly ten years ago has caused my hand writing to become very illegible at times.

And blogging? More like journaling and never to be seen!

On the other had, as I also understand the prompt from another direction as well, is that my life without a computer is slower and more deliberate. And quite frankly that is often quite maddening because I love to get in the flow of writing and let my fingers fly. The thoughts come and being on the “informational superhighway” is quite a thrill. But, my life away from this screen and these keys are just like others who will never read these words: bills, conflicts, appointments, chores, dreams, hopes, fears, love, and faith.  And I need this slower pace. It keeps me in touch with my God, my family, and myself.

And that is more important, isn’t it?




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