Behind the Pulpit: The Hardness of “Listen”ing

Listening is hard work for me.

But it is not just hard for me 

It is hard because of all the noise that we live in. Embed from Getty Images

And by noise I mean…

the screaming calendar which requires me to be here, there, and everywhere

the screaming need of people to be heard and listen to… sometimes so loudly that listening is impossible at times

the screaming expectations of doing more and better and more and more and better and better

(I got exhausted just writing that passage!)

So much SHOUTS within and around me…

And trying to listen is just plain scary for me sometimes because the pull of making noise because “everybody wants to be heard” and “you have the right to be heard” is so overwhelming. It makes me feel like an outsider when I am not joining in the noise.

But the connections, insights, and experiences  that come together when I choose to listen and keep listening no matter how hard it is to do without feeling left behind (and left out) is worth it.

Here is one example.

As I have sought to listen to and for the voice of the Spirit,  I have been moved by the Spirit  to speak  to the issues of anger and rage in life, the building blocks of faith, hope, and love, the simplicity yet difficulty of what God’s will truly is as noted in scripture, and whether being busy is the same as being hurried.  And what makes this wonderful is that I have begun to have a larger understanding AND experience of the Holy Spirit’s work in my life and see and hear it in  the lives of others.

But oh how hard this is to do! The noise of life, and quite frankly even faith today, is filled with the  noise of…

More! Bigger! Better!

And we all seem exhausted from it.


l Signore sia con voi!


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