My Review of Trittin and Lawrence’s Parenting for the Launch

18210253As of this book review, I am now the father of one high school graduate who graduated this past Sunday. It was a great Father’s Day gift! God willing in two years, his younger brother will graduate and move into the next chapter of life. And because I am at this season of life in my parenting, I was very interested in reading and reviewing Dennis Trittin and Arlyn Lawrence’s book Parenting for the Launch: Raising Teens to Succeed in the Real World.  (Life Smart Publishing)

Written for the purpose of offering the reader “a road map for a successful launch of your teen into the real world,” the author’s have written a practical, hopeful, and inspirational book. Divided into three parts and ten chapters, Parenting for the Launch, is focused on, as the opening chapter title indicates, to “Give Them [teens] Wings, Not Strings” by helping them become responsible young adults.

I personally found chapters two, four, seven, and eight very helpful to me in my transitioning from a father of teens to a father of a teen and young adult. Chapter two, “Keep Your Eyes on the Goal,” contains a section “Taking on an Intentional Mindset” which makes clear a two points that needs to be repeated…often when parenting gets personally difficult. One is  “you’re not just raising children-you’re raising future adults,” and the second is “it’s not about you.” They are both helpful reminders that there is an important goal and it is not always being liked by children or hanging on to one’s kids.

Chapter four, “Preparing Them For Key Life Decisions,”  is a practical focus on decision making in college selection, finances, and work ethic. Chapter seven “Communicate and Relate” is an outstanding chapter focusing on relating to one’s teens as people and in a way that enables communication and empowerment by understanding and respecting their ways of communicating. Chapter eight, “Know Their Third Party Voices” is a different look at peer influence as well as the other influences on teens in a way that encourages parents to see some of those voices not as competition but as cooperative efforts in helping teens become responsible adults.

One additional unique contribution to this book is a very helpful and creative use of the DiSC inventory to understand how you and your teen operate. It was something that I have never considered.

What sets Parenting for the Launch apart from other parenting books I have read is that Trittin and Lawrence focus on your children and who they are not who the parent thinks they should be as an important way to help them develop both skill sets and a character which leads to leading a productive and helpful life as an adult.  I will not hesitate to recommend this book to parents for group study. It is a vital resource to help parents empower their kids.

I rate this book a ‘great’ read!

Note: I was asked by Icon Media Group US to review this book in exchange for a free copy of it. I was not required to write a positive review.




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