Daily Post: “Terminally” Bored? Nope!

Shockingly enough, I have traveled without the aid/companionship/assistance of electronic devices. I shall continue to do so in the years ahead.

Having (or perhaps buying) a charger would help but we will assume what today’s daily prompt says, “six hour layover and no devices are working.”

So, here are some suggestions for getting through that 6 hour layover:


People Watch!

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I had an undergrad philosophy professor who spent time at a commune in the American West in the early 70’s that was invited by some of the commune members to go to the zoo. The first time he said no. The second time he went.  Turns out the zoo was the local mall!

What are airports without people? Empty!

Airports are fascinating places to watch people. Elderly people who are perhaps taking their first flight! The harried business person who is on their phone/laptop/tablet trying to get the order placed or the deal closed before getting on the plane. And there are the kids – who are often wide eyed and overwhelmed at the sights, sounds, and colors engulfing them!

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Watch the planes!

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I am a plane fanatic. I grew up around an Air Force base and when I went off to college it was too quiet!

The various liveries, color schemes, types of aircraft from the large 4 engine jumbo jets to the smaller regional ones – today’s modern airliners (and don’t forget those cargo planes as well!), are interesting. (One of my bucket lists items is to hang out at the In-N-Out Berger place on S Sepulveda Blvd in LA near LAX and watch (and hear!) the aircraft coming in to land!)


Have a conversation with someone!

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I have had conversations with people on airplanes and learned a great deal about them in a short period of time. A book someone is reading or a magazine article that is evoking an obvious response, can create an opportunity to meet someone new…Perhaps your seatmate!

Maybe your server needs a kind word today after a hectic morning of serving stressed out passengers and crew. A “Thank you!” is always in good taste and may strike up a conversation that will make your day go better!

Buy/Read a newspaper, magazine, or a paperback

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When I first started flying I would get the local papers to read and take home for further review.  And the magazine stands throughout the terminal have a lot of good reading material. The printed word still exists!

Plan your next vacation!

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Even if you are on vacation, dream/plan your next one!  I am sure those arrival/departure boards have prompted numerous vacation ideas and plans over the years.


Pray and Meditate!

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I know that six hours, especially with connecting flights and both vacation and business schedules/plans, can really create havoc but may be it is also a time to slow down, pray and meditate. Life is more than business and hurry and rushing. I believe God created both physical AND spiritual/mental/emotional down times for our good! Find a quiet place perhaps in a gate area not being used and take some time to be quiet, reflect, and pray. The rest of the trip might go better as well !


There are lots of things to do that can keep the terminally bored at bay! Safe travels!






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