Daily Post: A Tale of Two Cities

A great Monday morning daily post question for today! Thanks Ben!

If you could split your time evenly between two places, and two places only, which would these be?

Thinking, thinking, thinking… [insert Jeopardy theme song here]

Wow. Harder than I thought.

While I do appreciate and enjoy my current home, a wonderful small town in Indiana, there are two Midwestern cities that I would gladly split my time between. I lived in one for eight years and the other I lived near until my mid-twenties.

“Drum roll please!”

My two cities are:

Grand Rapids, Michigan 

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Cincinnati, Ohio

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Grand Rapids is the birthplace of my two sons and it had all the advantages of a larger city without being too large. An hour from Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids has a lot to offer.

My wife and I have talked of making Cincinnati our retirement location. I am a Reds and Bengals fan and so that it would okay with me. The Zoo is world class and there are many great places to eat!

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