Z is for Zunay, Alice – A to Z Writing Challenge

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My Saturday morning sleep in, after a tough but good week at the coffee shop, was interrupted by an unfamiliar morning ringing that was also very familiar.

My cell phone.

With half blurry eyes I made out the phone number I had grown up with.


“Hello,” I said half-asleep.

“Alice? Are you up? It’s 10 AM!”

I moaned and my dad, listening on the other phone, laughed. “Still not a morning person, eh A?”

“Fraid’ so dad…. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” replied my mother in that bright cheery voice which I both was glad to hear but not at this hour of the morning.

“We got your grades in the mail this morning and thought we would tell you the bad news.”

I could hear the teasing smile in my dad’s voice.

“Okay, give me the bad news.”

“Wait, this is not you. It says on the report, Zunay comma Alice!”

“Mom, tell dad to stop it!” Laughter entered the phone call from three different points.

“Well, you passed! You had three A’s and one B this term but your GPA is at 3.75 for the year! Congrats Sophomore!”

Feeling relieved, I knew that I now had to focus on my class schedule for the new year and thought it was about time to tell them that I had decided on a major.

“Well I have decided to major in business and minor in non-profit development.”

“Any particular reason why?”

“Yes, coffee and Jesus!”


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