Y is for Yeshua – A to Z Challenge

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The campus was much quieter than I thought it would be in the summer. I did see some students and one of my professors walking between buildings but she was headed into the administration building.

I was headed for the chapel.

I was not sure if the door would be open when I pulled on it but it did open and I walked it. After a moment of adjusting to the light I made out a figure at the far end of the chapel. It appeared to be Father Mike.

As I started to walk toward him I spotted a table with a flyer on it. The title of the  flyer was in bold print and said, “Who is Yeshua?”

“Yeshua? Hum…”

My mind was turning the term over in my mind when Father Mike startled me.

“Alice, isn’t it?”

“Uh yes, it is. Wow, how did you remember it?”

“I make it my business to remember,” he said with a smile.

“How are you Alice? More important, why are you here?”

I explained to him that I worked at the coffee shop and lived the lady which I had helped during the winter.

“So then why are you here?” and he swept his hands in a opening motion.

“I have been thinking.”


“Life, death…by the way my mom had a heart attack a few months ago but she is doing well now.”

“Well you have dealt with death this past year, if I remember, your dog, correct?”

“Uh yes, and then there was Irina and mom…”

My voice trailed off.

“Alice, are you afraid of dying?”

I paused in a way that surprised me.

“Uh no, I’m not. I guess that I am afraid of living.”

“Afraid of living? Why?”

“All of this study and living and dealing with Irina and mom and Daisy’s death has just made me think less about what I think about life, death, faith, God…whose Yeshua?”

“It’s another name for Jesus, more of a Hebrew derivation of it.”


“A derivative.”


“Alice, who is Jesus to you?”

“I am not sure. Well I am sure, I think. I think he was god, but god with a capital ‘G.'”

“Okay. But who is he to you, Alice?”

Thus began an inward journey I am still on and gratefully so.



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