Daily Prompt: “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones…

Being part of a helping profession, today’s Daily Prompt  is a very personal issue  for many people – Do I forgive or not?

I struggle with not holding grudges, or as I prefer to call it, resentments. I have many friends and acquaintances who are part of various 12 Step recovery groups and they have shared with me how they cannot afford to resent because it can trigger their addictive tendencies.

I also disagree with the linkage between forgiving and forgetting. I do not think that you can forget. Just ask anyone who has been the victim of domestic violence.  They may be working toward forgiveness but the memories of what they experience will be present in the years to come.

I think that forgiveness is a process and that we need to practice it when and as the memories return. This is something that I have had to do.

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Jim Kane

I am a hubby to my wife of over 30 years, dad to two university students, caregiver to his mom, a minister, cat dad to Hanna who we adopted from our local animal shelter, a life-long aviation fan, and a reader and blogger. I began this blog in 2008 and post my book reviews, messages to my congregation, prayers, and other things as well. Thank you for stopping by!

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