W is for Writing Review – A to Z Challenge

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With my job at the coffee shop being assured until I was cleared to work by my doctor, a week at home (at least) was a welcomed break. At first I could not read my emails, Facebook updates, or my Twitter stream for more than fifteen minutes at a time and I watched television in spurts.

But after five days, I began to read with less discomfort and decided to revisit the blog I had created for the A to Z Challenge in Dr Brubecker’s class and look back at what I had posted throughout the year. I realized as I read that while my posts were frequent up to spring break, I had written nothing since my trip to New York with Irina.

I wanted to remember this year and all that happened to me and so I started writing. I remembered my motion sickness on the train, and the wonderful time with Sasha. I never thought that a trip to New York would be part of my first year of college.

Writing a few days later also helped me process mom’s heart attack and my thoughts about quitting. I am glad that I did not.

And then there was Greg.

What do I do with Greg?

And then the conversation with Greg came bursting into my conscious thought. A conversation we never finished.

Anger burned again, the same anger that drove me to leave the diner in a hurry and forget where I was walking. I quit typing for a few moments.

Then the question which grandpa had asked me, “Where is God in your life?” made its appearance.

God. Faith.

“Maybe it is time to think about what you think about these things, Alice.”

Yeah, maybe it is.


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