R is for Return to Normal: A to Z Challenge

“She is returning to a normal heart rhythm but she is going to need some therapy to get her strength and coordination,” said mom’s cardiologist. “I am recommending the rehab at Caring Hearts, a center over in River Run. They have an excellent history of working with heart attack patience like Lois.”

“Return to normal?” I thought. “My mom had a heart attack!  How can anything be normal now?”

Returning to campus was torture. I wanted to be home with my mom and dad and help them with the farm. But dad said “absolutely not! College is where you need to be. No arguments!”

But my mind was not on study and college life and even work.

But within a week I had made my uneasy peace with life as it now was turned to focus my attention on finishing out my first year. But with the trip to New York and now mom’s heart attack, I was more behind that I planned. So I had to scrap my social life for the time being and focus on school and work.

Work… I still loved working at Caffiena Amore but it reminded me that I had an offer for summer work in two places, one of which would place me near my mother. After about two weeks I finally told the Lundi’s of my situation.

“Alice, I understand your predicament very well,” Mrs Lundi said with a wonderful Gallic tweak of “predicament.” “We would be disappointed if you chose to go home but we would manage.”  I was not so sure about Mr. Lundi who sulkingly worked at cleaning the espresso machine a short distance from us in the quiet coffee shop.

“Well I have not decided to say no to you right now but if I do, I would let you know well before the semester ends.”

“Alice, this is an important decision. You strike me as a person of faith.”

That caught my attention for anything having to do with God, faith, church, religion was, well, placed in the back of my mind. The thought of being a person of faith surprised me.

“Well I did go to church before college. But I have not gone to church or been in one, well I have been in the campus chapel after my dog died last fall.”

“Alice, I have learned the God, the one I worship, is not limited by a building or a place. He is everywhere we are. Go to the chapel and ponder what he might have you do.”

I thought about the conversation for the rest of the week. When Saturday morning came, finally caught up with school and feeling the most relaxed in several weeks, I headed for the chapel.


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