O is For Opportunity: A to Z Writing Challenge

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Wow, spring break went fast. I had so much fun with Irina and Sasha and Sasha’s neighbors that I only took one afternoon to explore the area. I found the recommended coffee shop and enjoyed it but I was ready to return to Sasha’s.

When I got back, the routine of school took over once again and it was nearly a week and a half before I was able to check on Irina. I would see Greg rushing by from time to time , with that amazing smile that made me melt, but that was the only time I saw him. He had my number and because our campus email followed a common format in the addresses, an email would have been nice.

Work was good too, the warmer weather brought more and more students and community people to the coffee shop (Il Cafe di caffeina Amore or The Cafe of Caffeinated Love)  caffiena Amore as I had started calling it. But keeping up with the customer orders got harder because the Lundi’s, who owned the shop, were not willing to hire a couple of extra workers in the evenings. Finally, a bad Thursday night of several incorrect orders forced the hiring to two staff, both local high school students who were regulars and who knew the menu of both drinks and food quite well as they had ordered just about everything offered.

Then it seemed that business took off even more and when the first of May hit, just two weeks before finals, the shop was packed every night. I was getting nearly 30 hours a week, which helped me with some expenses but studying with a tired mind and body was not easy.

A conversation with my parents put some added pressure on me as well.

“Alice, have you started looking for a job back here at home yet? The Wilson’s would like for you to return this summer and they were thrilled to hear for you coffee shop experience.”

I liked the Wilson’s but the thought of going back there made me sad. I wanted to stay in Cartersville and work at caffiena Amore. But there was no way that was going to happen.

Or so I thought.

After a hectic Saturday evening, Mr Lundi sat me down.

“Alice, we close the shop for two weeks during the summer and visit our family in France.” (The Lundi’s were from near Toulouse.)

“But it is hard to do because we have to work hard to earn the revenue we lose while we are gone.”

“Would you like to work for us this summer and run the shop while we are gone? There will be an appropriate increase in pay and we think that business will be good those two weeks because we are rolling out a new summer menu and a very successful summer festival has returned for another year to Cartersville during the two weeks we are gone.”

Opportunity Knocks.

How could I say no?


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