L is for Learning: A to Z Writing Challenge




Spring soon made its appearance on campus and thoughts began to turn to Spring Break. Yes, the party kids were making their plans for their annual trek south but others were making plans with families to go some where far away from beeches and crowds.

Irina had asked to speak to my parents as she had a request. I gave her my home number and she said to tell my parents to expect a call. They were of course, concerned about Irina and were glad she was doing better but they were more concerned about how I was doing with schools and if I was learning anything!

A month before break was to take place I received a call as I walked back to my room after my final class. It was probably mom.


“Hi Alice. How was class?”

“Good. I have had A’s and B’s this week.”

“Great! Glad to hear that!”

“What’s up?

“Well Alice, Irina is going to ask you do something important and your dad and I want you to know that if you do not want to, then that is fine with us…”

“What is it mom?”

“She wants you to accompany her to New York to visit her siste…” “NEW YORK?!”

“Yes, sh..” “Why would I not want to do that?”

“Well honey, she is thinking about moving in with her sister.”

The joy of spring break suddenly waned within my shocked spirit.

“Move…to New York?”

I suddenly realized that I had grown very fond of Irina and her wise words and caring spirit. I felt that I was helping, truly helping another person. And now a move?

“I, I, I…”

I did not know what to say. I pushed the red button on my phone and ran to my room.

I was learning about life.




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