Friday Fictioneers: It’s The Wrong Flag!

Good Friday morning! With the dishwasher clamoring away to my right, the cat asleep on the bed, and spring  finally showing up here in Indiana, it is time for this installment of Friday Fictioneers


Live and direct from the kitchen table is this week’s installment of Friday Fictioneers!

As always thanks to Rochelle for her leadership and prompt each week for a new chapter in the annual of Flash Fiction! And thank you Dee for the photo prompt! (I am of Welsh decent myself!)

Ok enough… here is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers!



copyright DLovering at
copyright DLovering at


It’s The Wrong Flag©


Jim Kane

The cool morning haze gave way to a heating morning sky but it was not yet sufficiently hot to go back inside. Pablo sat in his padded chair drinking his second cup coffee and vacillating between the foggy present and the clear past.

“Rosario, get the men in position, the Germans are on the outskirts and they have a tank!”

Soon, he was lost in the heat and confusion of battle with a bloody nose and bloody ears from the concussion of the German 20 mm gun from the Panzer I tank and choking dust of battle.

“Rosario, ROSARIO!” he screamed over the radio, “The tank… is coming …get to safer position!”

Waking up from his recurring memory he saw the flag unfurling in the breeze and said “It’s the wrong flag!”

“Grandpa, time to go inside.”


20 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: It’s The Wrong Flag!

  1. Sad when loved ones lose their memory -have dementia or suffer from the dreaded Alzheimer’s! Glad taht Grandpa has someone to look after him.Well written:-)

  2. Well-written story about an elderly man living partly in the past due to his memories of a battle. I agree that it’s good he has family who cares for him. My daughter sent a text to me this morning that it was snowing in Chicago. I told her it was hot and humid here and asked if she wanted to trade.

    1. Good morning Pat!
      I live in Indiana and we have a light dusting as well this morning!
      The humidity will be here soon enough!

    1. Hi Jen!
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I think what I was getting at was that while the air was cool he would be able to stay out but as it heated, he couldn’t.

  3. Dear Jim,

    The picture of PTSD. Sadly, it doesn’t go away, does it?

    Spring has come to Missouri, too. However weatherman says we may have snow showers tomorrow. What’s up with that? Oh it’s the Midwest.



    1. Hi Rochelle!

      I have talked to WW2 who still see the faces and sounds of war now 7 decades later.

      Snow? Yes, hearing the possibility for Tuesday morning here.


  4. Nicely done, Jim. Spring has arrived in the Chicago area as well for which I’m profoundly thankful. We supposed to be deluged with rain tonight and most of Sunday, but that’s part of spring.


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