G is for God: A to Z Writing Challenge

“You look deep in thought. Hi, I’m Father Mike and you are?”

“Uh, I am Alice Zunay.”

“What year?”

“Year, whadya mean ‘What.year?’ Oh, what year am I?”


“Well Alice it is nice to meet you!”

“Thank you nice to meet you as well.” “I think.” “Uh Father, I am not uh, well, uh, not Catholic.”

“No problem, I deal with all backgrounds and no backgrounds! Equal opportunity Priest here!” He laughed.

“What’s so funny about that? Don’t you know what a problem religion is these days? It’s a topic that is hard to talk about. You should work where I work, almost fights over religion…What? Why am I here?”

“Alice why are you here? Can I help you in anyway?”

“I don’t know… I’m Presbyterian by the way… just have not given much thought about… about…”


“About, well you know, about…uh… Him.”

“Him? Oh yes, Him… God you mean?”


“But what brought you here or I should say in here?”

“Well… it was a conversation with my grandfather over the break.”

“Okay. Did it trouble you?”

“Well, kinda… I mean it uh, well it got me to thinking.”

“Nothing wrong with that! We do a lot of thinking around here!” he laughed more jovially than before.

“Hardee har-har… wait, why am I arguing in my head with this guy?”

“I have not given a great deal of thought to well, faith, religion, God, you know, the whole shebang since I came here.”


“Guess I’ve been, well thinking about everything else.”


“Well, writing, history, chemistry, intro to business. My classes.”

“Did you think a lot about God before you came here?”

“Some,  less my senior year because of getting ready for college.”

“Well, this is an important time to think about faith, God, life.”

“I suppose. Can I come back later? I’ve got to get to class!”

“Sure, I will be here. So will Pastor Sue, she’s Lutheran.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“Gracious God, wrap her in Your loving arms.”


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