F is for Family: A to Z Writing Challenge

As October gave way to November Alice Zunay, still grieving over the death of her dog Daisy, fell into a routine of study and work, with some play. Her work ethic and love of the coffee shop where she worked, Il Cafe di caffeina Amore or The Cafe of Caffeinated Love, resulted in a promotion to assistant manager and a little more money each week. It also led her to take her books and find a hour or two of study time during the week as the traffic slowed after 6 PM.

But soon Thanksgiving break came and her dad Mike came to get her.

With tears of joy and lingering grief, she ran into his arms, “Daddy, I’ve, I’ve mis…” and she sobbed into his shoulder. On the trip home, she talked non-stop about her classes, her dorm floor, and college life. He just listened. Then she brought up her encounter with Greg.

“Interesting,” he said with a slight catch in his voice.

“Yeah, I really wanted to thank him but he was gone. Vanished. But I think I sometimes see him coming out of the social science hall and when I get to where I think he is, he’s not there.”

“Well, A, he may have been an angel.”

Squeals of delight were expressed loudly when Alice was greeted by her twin cousins Allison and Ashley who attended a rival school when she exited the car at her home.

“Have we got a lot to tell you!”

“Have I got a lot to tell you!”

Thanksgiving morning found them trying to stay awake and drinking so much coffee at their grandparents house, they kept running to the bathroom.

But a conversation with her grandfather was the delight of her evening. She had him all to herself.

“Sounds like quite a couple of months so far!”

“Oh gramps, it has been!”

“And what about the boys?”

“Grrramps!” she gushed and blushed. “There are some cute boys but I am too busy studying and working.”

“Uh huh, I understand that you are running that coffee shop. What’s it called “I’ll a drinka cafe?”

“No,  Il Cafe di caffeina Amore or The Cafe of Caffeinated Love.”

“What’s to love about caffeine? It makes me pee!”


“Alice, what about God? Where is God for you right now?”

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4 thoughts on “F is for Family: A to Z Writing Challenge

    1. Hi LuAnn!
      Thanks for stopping by. My paternal grandfather died when I was less than 2 months old. My material grandfather passed when I was 8. So not much memory there. My father’s mom though was a huge influence on me, Thanks also for the Twitter mention!

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