D is for Daisy: A to Z Writing Challenge

Midterms were about finished for Alice Zunay and the rest of the university but she, and two hundred other students, were studying furiously and anxiously anticipating the mid-term in English Composition. They had barely started the full A to Z Writing Challenge for October having only done the September challenge on specific days as both in class assignments and a couple of weekly tests, but were now feeling the extra pressure to get one done each day with mid-terms.

Alice had found the first three assignments challenging as she struggled to pick suitable words. For ‘A’ she picked “Alice” and talked about her plans after college. For ‘B’ the only thing she could think of was “beans” and wrote about her mom’s childhood on a bean farm. ‘C’ was a bit easier as she picked ‘career’ and wrote in detail about her career choice of business. But for ‘D’ she was stuck. She thought about death but all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins were still living. She had a pet, Daisy, a Golden Retriever, who was eight and who she missed every day.

With the coffee shop closing at eight during the week Alice had time to head back to campus and find some study time till midnight. Choosing to read ahead in her world history class instead of thinking about the midterm, she soon found herself lost in the early human history. Then the phone rang.

“Alice honey, it’s mom.”

“What’s wrong mom?”

“Well honey, uh…” and the sound of a sobbing voice filtered through to Alice.


“It’s Daisy… she was hit by a car tonight and Alice, oh honey I am so sorry, she’s dead.”

The next morning, Alice walked to the campus chapel and lit a candle in her grief and then proceeded to her mid-term. When time began she started her mid-term exam with…

“D is for Daisy”


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