C is for Coffee and Cash (and lots of both!): A to Z Writing Challenge

First of all, thanks to those of you who have read, liked and commented on posts so far. I am trying to read more and more A to Z posts myself but it is hard keeping up!

Here’s today’s installment and again to get familiar with Alice Zunay, college student, here is my A post from April 1st  http://wp.me/p4o6wC-2hq 

A week had gone by and Alice soon found her rhythm (she hated the word routine as she was in Marching Band and loved working with the rhythm) of class, study, socializing, and work.

Well not quite for work. She had yet to get a job.

She had worked as a waitress in a local restaurant for the past two summers and had mixed feelings about the experience. She liked the customer interaction but always thought that she should be in a “trendier” place like a coffee shop. Her neighbor Dara had worked in the local coffee shop but had told her that it was a place where the men, almost always over 60, were always flirting with her and trying to set her up with a nephew or a grandson. “There was only one guy that I was interested in but it turned out he was secretly engaged!”

But money was needed for laundry (home was four hours away), the trips to the mall to buy, well, very little of anything, the daily necessities of personal hygiene, and for the various social events that were, basically going out to a coffee shop or eating establishment and eating or drinking coffee. (Her dad sternly warned her away from bars until 21 and that was fine with Alice because the one time she tried booze, whiskey to be precise, she threw up all the next day.)

But, as she often heard, “good things come to those who wait,” and that waiting paid off in a job offer… in a coffee shop.

Encountering an overworked staff at a place called Il Cafe di caffeina Amore or The Cafe of Caffeinated Love, Alice sprung into action to help them clear cluttered tables. The owner, Mr Lundi, was so impressed that he offered her a job on the spot!

“Yes!” she shouted.

“Maria, throw out the Help Wanted sign. We have help.”

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