Friday Fictioneers: Sorry Daddy!

Greetings from my new literary outpost – The Masculine Pen! And my first official writing post is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers ! As always, thanks Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for your leadership!

Here is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers! Enjoy and feedback is welcomed!


copyright John Nixon
copyright John Nixon


“Sorry Daddy”©


Jim Kane

As the sand hissed beneath his feet, John Jamerson slid silently into a crouching position and with a stealthy coiling and uncoiling of his neck and body looked around. Encased in sweat inducing body armor, Jamerson further crab-walked into the morass of trees seeking new targets of opportunity.

Movement in his left peripheral field of vision caught his attention. Taking careful aim he fingered the trigger, ready to shoot.

The pain in his butt caught him up short. “OW!” Feeling the fluid, he saw blue paint. “Wha…?”

“Sorry daddy, you lose.” She said and with airborne pink shoes and ponytail she lunged laughing into his arms.


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24 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Sorry Daddy!

  1. Dear Jim,

    You captured the game well. Between you and me, I don’t think she was really sorry. 😉 Nice set up. The new blog is nice and I like the title The Masculine Pen.



  2. The darkness suggested in the opening paragraph is nicely contrasted with the lightness and innocence of the child. It reminds us that he did not really lose at all! Great story!

    1. Hi Nan!

      I know that my boys have had fun beating me at various games but I have had my day as well!



    1. Thanks for the kind word about the post and thanks for your comment about the title! I have been wondering what people are thinking!



    1. Thanks Claire
      I was not sure what was going to happen until I started putting paper to pen.
      Or, in this case key stroke to pixel!


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