Friday Fictioneers: A Nose for Police Work

Good Thursday evening everyone!

Here is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers, flash fiction of around 100 words driven by a photo prompt.

Now before I share my post for this week I am letting you know that I will officially be bringing a writing only blog to life at the end of this month.  My book reviews and other posts will remain here.

In fact,  my first post for the new blog, will be a Friday Fictioneers post!

Well, here is this week’s post. The beautiful fields of France and the poor hay fevered detective has been left behind for a rugged mountainous outcrop. Hum… Could there be a link between the two?

Speaking of links, here is the link to last week’s story:

Let’s find out!

Copyright Danny Bowman
Copyright Danny Bowman

A Nose for Police Work

by Jim Kane ©

Though they were both panting rather well after a brisk 15 minute pace, Inspector Didier Toussaint and his partner, Detective Giselle Noire, wore looks of satisfaction. The frustratingly cold murder case that still created debate in the town was finally solved.

The lucky break came when the prime suspect sneezed on Toussaint following a sneeze laden foot chase ended with ample DNA all over the miserable detective. When it hit the national data base, the cold murder case sternutated as well.  With a trip to the coast, a murder weapon was found.

“Giselle, tout le monde peut à nouveau respirer!”

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31 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: A Nose for Police Work

  1. a great title and story, Jim. i love the concept that broke the case and the word, sternutated. if you could (please) translate your last line spoken to Giselle, it would help me greatly.

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