Ash Wednesday Hump Day Prayer

Death Valley,Desert,sand road mud near Shoshones
Death Valley,Desert,sand road mud near Shoshones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We begin this inward journey Our Father, with both a familiarity of terrain and an uncertainty of what we will find on this particular walk.

We have traveled this way before, in this desert, away from the noise, the distractions -both human and otherwise. We are aware of the loudness of  anxiety that is quickly uncovered the further we go into the desert. Again we ask that you help us let go of it all and keep walking knowing that you are going to meet us in some wonderful way.

We are grateful for this season of reflection and hope because while we must pass by the Cross and all of its hideousness and pain, we know that we will come to an empty tomb and You and again face the reality, the truth, and the joy of Resurrection.

But we begin today, humbly and with expectation, as we stop, even kneel, and begin again our journey inward, not into an empty wasteland but into the rich, troubled, and sinful, interior of our souls, and begin to find You!

Help us Jesus to find You and hear You and listen to You so that as we again experience this season of Lent it is not with sorrow and overbearing solemnity but with the hope and expectation that will we again be revived, renewed, and… resurrected.



Lord's Prayer in biblical languages_2135
Lord’s Prayer in biblical languages_2135 (Photo credit: hoyasmeg)
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