Friday Fictioneer: Cause of Death Was…

Good Friday afternoon from the very white place called Indiana! I have never lived among so much snow for so long in my entire life! But that does not keep me from joyfully contributing to this weeks Friday Fictioneers, a 100 or so word flash fiction opportunity  hosted each week by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields! Thanks again Rochelle.!

Here is my contribution for this week and feedback is welcomed!

from Dawn Miller at
from Dawn Miller at

Cause of Death Was…©

by Jim Kane

Rogue (real name, Roger) and Lance moseyed down the street for a preauction survey. Both were known in town for their ability to snatch up things others wanted because they had money that surprised others because of their laid-back appearances.

The auction came and went and to everyone’s surprise, they bought nothing. As they began to leave the auctioneer asked why they had not bought something.

“Wasn’t here.”

“What wasn’t here?”

“The big lava lamp.”

A pregnant pause was broken with, “It was the cause of death.”


“Yup, she tripped over his lava lamp and fell down the stairs and died.”

“What about the lamp?”

“It died, too… in her arms.”

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