Winter Storm Nika Pays Us a Visit!

Well, with the remnants of Winter Storm Ion still present, Winter Storm Nika paid us a visit and her stay began last night. This morning, as she left, she left us with fresh coat, not coating, but coat of snow.

100_9436aThe front door view getting ready to find the morning paper. (We didn’t)

100_9437aThe drifts are wonderfully fine pieces of art sculpted by the wind

100_9439aI trekked to the top of the snow pile, present almost since the beginning of the year, at the corner of our cul-de-sac and street to take this picture. The pile is probably 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 meters) high… for now.

100_9441aGoing up and coming down our local Mount Everest, I stepped into places which swallowed at least one leg and brought me to one knee a couple of times…

100_9444aAnother  fine piece of winter art!

100_9445aWell, no cooking out today… and with the price of propane… probably not for a while… although with me, one never knows!

100_9446aThe rose bush is probably slumbering soundly But in a month? Six weeks?

100_9447aWind art…

100_9448aWind Window Art

100_9452aNeither sleet nor rain nor….

100_9454aSnowpyramid anyone?

100_9455aThat poor light… it has spent most of 2014 covered in white

100_9457aA common spill in the entry way this time of year…

100_9459aAnd the cat? She knew a good thing when my sons and I first laid eyes on her over six years ago at the animal shelter!

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2 thoughts on “Winter Storm Nika Pays Us a Visit!

  1. Fabulous. Well, to look at from a distance. I mean a very large distance, while standing in the hot sunshine in my back yard. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine isn’t quite so spectacular but a good deal more comfortable….

    1. Thanks Ian for stopping by!
      We would be happy to send some down your way!
      We might be swimming in the streets when it all melts!



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