My One Word: A Slow Down to Listen?





During this first month of 2014 in our corner of the world, the weather this month has often brought traffic, and life, to a standstill but more often to a slow down. I remember the blizzard of 1978 as my parents drove me to the East Coast for an internship and the travel across Interstate 70 was very trying until we hit the Allegheny Tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and found on the eastern side a much smaller amount of snow fall. But I do not ever recall the cold temperatures that we have had this month. Several nights we have gone to sleep with the forecast low in the MINUS 10’s (F) (-23 C)

Earlier this week, when another travel restriction was lifted, I got out to check on family and determine the condition of the walks around the church. (Clear!) I shot the above photos with my cell phone as I thought about this issue of listening and how, not if, God was trying to get my, and others, attention in the midst of this harsh cold.

I have been surprised at the calmness I have experienced during this time, remembering the panic of not wanting to be stuck in Central Kentucky 16 years ago after a snow storm snuck further inland that expected. (Of course I was at home here and in a hotel room there and I love central Kentucky, well I love all of Kentucky!) But have I listened to God as well as I should have?

Interruptions – Cause for frustration or a chance for listening?



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