A Hump Day Prayer of Gratitude For Grace… God’s Grace

Note: This week is the anniversary week of my public profession of faith. It was many, many years ago but that day is as clear now as it was then.

Faith (Photo credit: sspantherss)

I am grateful Father for those who You used to pave the way to that day when I publicly confessed my sin and publicly professed faith in Christ.

I am grateful for my parents who were faithful servants of the Church, and more important, faith followers of You.

I am grateful for my paternal grandmother who lived the life of faith and showed me the life of prayer.

I am grateful for my Sunday School teachers, before and after that day, who helped me learn how to navigate the Bible and seek to study it on my own.

I am grateful for the pastors who mentored me in ways large and small along the way.

I am grateful for the men who were, and are, spiritual mentors to me.

I am grateful for professors who helped me see and practice the link between good thinking and good believing.

Finally, and most important,

I am grateful for Your great grace…

I am so unworthy of it…

I have been so unfaithful to it…

I have sinfully abused it…

But way back then… and to this moment when these words appear…

I am so thankful for Your grace and what it has DONE to me… and is still DOING to me…

Thank You Father!

Thank You Jesus!

Thank You Holy Spirit!


Enjoy this wonderful song by Matt Redman and may you experience God’s grace in some new ways! Amen and Amen!

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