My Review of Philip Yancey’s What Good is God?

13528482An excellent book in which Yancey takes the reader on a journey around the world to seek evidence that God is worth some good in this world because of His grace.

Divided into ten parts that each feature two chapters – the back story of the setting and then Yancey’s remarks in that setting, Yancey takes us to the steeply intellectual atmosphere of Cambridge and Oxford to present his thoughts on how the life of CS Lewis extolled grace. But he also takes the readers to the tense days and hours in and around Mumbai, India in November 2008 when terrorists strike with terror and death.

I have read several of Yancey’s books over the years and have found myself often nodding in agreement with his words and thoughts. It is no different with this book.

I believe that Yancey provides proof that God and His wonderful grace, does make a difference in the slums of Mumbai, the lecture halls of Oxford and Cambridge, the post-apartheid political stability of South Africa, and the confusion and grief of a college campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. And that it can make a difference in your corner of the world and life as well.

Note: I checked out this paperback copy of this book from my local library and chose to write a review of it.

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