A Hump Day Prayer of Gratitude for Childhood Neighbors

Neighbors… (Photo credit: My Sweetheart the Drunk)

I am surprised today Father God by the present realization that human connections to my childhood neighborhood are still present even though nearly 4 decades have passed since I left that neighborhood.

I am grateful then for those men and women, some who have since passed, and some who are still with us, who were important people in my growing up years.

I am grateful for the women who watched me (I refuse to use the word babysat!) and in some ways are still mothers to me.

I am grateful for the men over whose car fenders I flung my skinny body and watched

English: Buick 455 V8.
English: Buick 455 V8. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

them work on engines before computers and fuel injection.

I am grateful for the funny stories, the puns, and in some case the on-going conversations which pick right back up even when years go by.

And as I am reminded of these people and this place, I realize Lord that the neighborhoods of my kids’, while good ones, have never allowed them to experience the same thing.

But still, Lord

Thank You



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