My One Word for 2014: Listen



….is a common question I ask all too often when one word catches my attention, especially in the middle of a family conversation. It is often muttered from another room with my face stuck in front of a book, my Kindle, or a computer screen.

This year, God has made clear to me, that has to change.

Listen is the new norm for 2014.

I have done a great deal of listening this past year. My mom’s two major cardio procedures had me listening to doctors, nurses, medical social workers, and anyone else affliated with her medical journey, like never before. I still have the small spiral notebook that I took with me everywhere on her four month journey of surgery and rehab. It is filled with names, phone numbers, and misspelled meds that have become part of her daily routine and my weekly routine of filling her med box with them.

There is no doubt in my mind that listen is the word for me.

I am already working in the following habits in my daily life:

1. In my office or at home, that when someone needs to talk with me, I close my laptop or turn entirely away from the screen put a pause on my flight simming or the music I am listening to and

LISTEN to them!!!

2. I am setting aside 15 minutes of silence each day to

LISTEN  to God.

3. I have written out a list of verses via my NLT Bible which contain the word LISTEN in them. (I am going to add verses with the word “hear” in them this week) so that I can

Hear what God

has to say to me! They form the basis of my daily Bible study this year as I plan to write reflections on them throughout this year.


This is going to be interesting!


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