Winter Storm ‘Ion’ Pays A Visit


Winter storm ‘Ion’ came through our area, primarily from mid-Sunday afternoon on, and left us with temperatures below zero fahrenheit, and at least one foot (12 inches or 30 + centimeters) of snow.

And then, with the 20 mph or so winds (17 knots) there are the wonderfully high snow drifts that are at least knee high and probably waist high on me. (No, I am not going out right now to ‘officially’ measure them!)

But the beauty of the winter landscape was and is magnificent last night and today.

Enjoy and stay warm!

(For you camera buffs, I used my Kodak Z812 IS and my Nikon Coolpix L28. No flash for the night time shots just the lighting from the street lights and the house.)

100_9422a 100_9415a 100_9418a 100_9419a 100_9423a?????????? ??????????

??????????© Jim Kane 2014

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2 thoughts on “Winter Storm ‘Ion’ Pays A Visit

  1. As a substitute mail carrier for seventeen years, I couldn’t help but notice the mail box in the bottom picture. Please don’t forget to appreciate those good folks who are fighting all that white stuff to get your mail delivered to your neighborhood today. Thanks for sharing these photos–in a strange twist, we have very little snow here in North Idaho, quite unusual for us! Stay warm and God bless.

    1. Hey Willow!
      It has been quite the weekend here. As for the postal carriers, a point well made. But I do not think we had mail today. Everything has gone to level one here and so that means no travel unless necessary.



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