My One Word for 2014

A few years ago via Twitter, I learned of an alternative approach to New Year’s resolutions called My One Word.

Two websites  and are devoted to this alternative approach to making a resolution. It’s focus is on selecting one word for the entire year and putting that word into action in one’s daily life.

For 2013 I chose the word “empower” as my one word focus. As part of my one word focus I selected a reading list of books I had read which I thought might help me with developing a clarity about empower and some ideas as well. Well, I did not get through the entire list of books. However, the ones which I re-read did help me as I worked at empowering others.

The result was seen most in the congregation I serve as our teens were empowered by our church leadership to organize and lead our 2013 Vacation Bible School. A group of adults got together and were empowered to create a float for the 150th anniversary of our town’s founding. It was the first float we had had in a parade since the 1970’s. Then empowerment was given to our associate minister who helped to organize a wonderful block party with three other churches in our neighborhood in the fall. Finally, one of the members of our church saw a Christmas play he had written come to life last month.

For this year, I have chosen the word listen as my one word. I need to listen better – to God, my wife and family, my church, others. I have become very sloppy in this area of my life.

I have also chosen this One Word approach to my initial 2014 sermon series and those sermons will appear here after they are delivered on Sundays.

I encourage you to check out the websites and try a single word focus for this year!


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