My Review of Tyndale House’s Chronological Life Application Bible

16219819With the stated purpose of helping the reader “understand the Bible and apply it to your life” the award winning Chronological Life Application Study Bible developed by an “interdenominational team of pastors, scholars, family counselors and a national organization dedicated to promoting God’s Word” is a very comprehensive study Bible.

Formatted in a chronological, rather than traditional and canonical order, this Bible is filled a variety of helpful study aids and information to help the reader better understand scripture and apply it to life on a daily basis.

What does it mean to read the Bible chronologically? Well for instance the book of Job, considered to be one of the oldest books in the Old Testament appears after Genesis and before Exodus. And in the New Testament the gospels are arranged in chronological order which means as you read, you may read a passage from Matthew, then a segment from Luke, followed by a chapter from either Mark or John!

Divided into 10 chronological segments beginning around 2100 BC and ending with 30 AD to the present, you are given book by book summaries in each section introduction along with other vital and helpful information. As you read through this Bible you are also given timelines which offer clear parallels to events in world history.

A key feature of this Bible is the life application notes which run across the bottom of the page and assist the reader with understanding the text and what it means for the reader. This very helpful feature will make books such as the Old Testament book of Leviticus more understandable as you read.

Two other helpful features are the numerous maps which illustrate important locations and highlight boxes which highlight important Biblical characters in a particular segment of scripture. Both of these features will assist the reader by giving them some important background information.

I liked the design of the pages, with the chronological periods across the top of the page to help the reader keep track of historical period they are currently in and running life application comments across the bottom. And while the pages are busy, I believe that Bible study will be enhanced with regular reading. (And remember, you are reading the Bible chronologically not in the canonical or traditional way!)

This Bible will make an excellent study Bible for individuals and for groups as well with the additional features. And a plus for this version is the easy to read New Living Translation (NLT) which allows the Bible to be read in language that is easily understood today.

I plan to make this Bible a reference Bible for my sermon study as well as personal study in the years ahead.

A wonderful and helpful resource for the serious student of scripture or for one who wants to deepen the study of scripture, Chronological Life Application Study Bible will make an excellent addition to the study of the Bible.

For more information go here and learn more about this wonderful Bible.

Note: I received a copy of this Bible from Tyndale House Publisher in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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