Friday Fictioneers: Return to Little Gidding

“Without further ado,” here is my contribution this week to Friday Fictioneers via Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. (Happy Anniversary to you and your husband Rochelle!)

Feedback welcomed!

copyright-ted-strutz tedstrutz.comReturn to Little Gidding

by Jim Kane ©

Sitting quietly alongside the rails in the upper deck, the familiar smells of stale water, stale fish, and fresh bay air, acted as an elixir that drew him back to that day when he was going the other way.

It was on the way “out.” Out of Little Gidding, out of a stoved up life, and into the “out there” of life.

It has been a blur, 40 years zipping by. Life, death, life, passion, parenting, work… now gone. Life was left. How much? He knew not.

But he was ready for it. It was Little Gidding all over again.

He had never really left it. It had never really left him.



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