Friday Fictioneers: Un-installed

copyright Sean Fallon

Well it is time again for this week’s installment, or looking at the photo prompt, un-installment of Friday Fictioneers, via the wonderful invitation of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields to look at the photo prompt she posts each week and write a piece of flash fiction of 100 give or take a few.

I have purposely not read Rochelle’s piece, as I normally do, this week because I was caught up in the photo.

Feedback welcomed!


by Jim Kane

Pablo and Raul were walking down the street when Raul glanced down one of the many alley ways they scavenged on Saturday mornings in their earnest endeavors to prank some one in their neighborhood.

As usual the shops were coming to life and the boys knew they had to think and be quick. “My friend, look at that!” The bright white mannequin was feet up and head down in the dumpster.

‘Mrs Alito’s store!” Quickly, they took the bright white man and headed for the corner grocery. Disassembling it, they placed it on the steps.

A moment later, shrieks of surprise filled the air.

“Mission accomplished!”


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Un-installed

    1. Rochelle,

      LOL… there is a mom in our congregation whose kids are waiting on payback for rubber snake in the kitchen sink when, unbeknownst to them, she had just encountered a mouse entering the house and being pursued by the family black lab!



      1. Ha! I’d love to hear the outcome of that. I got mine back a few times. Like the time I put on bright red lipstick before kissing my youngest to wake him in the morning. 😉 So I guess I shouldn’t question how my kids came by such orneriness, should I?



  1. That’s a real-life possibility. I’ll keep an eye out for a broken mannequin at my grocery store from now on. I won’t be one of the screamers, if I can help it.

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