Friday Fictioneers: A New Start at the Same Place

Good Thursday afternoon/evening! Here is my latest contribution to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields weekly Friday Fictioneers series where a visual prompt serves to provide the reader with some weekly Flash Fiction of 100 or so words. Feedback welcomed! Enjoy!

A New Start at the Same Place


Jim Kane

©Jim Kane

copyright Janet Webb


Looking at the picture, now slightly faded with her thumbprints, she could hardly believe that eight years had gone by since Katrina hit their town.

Remembering the shock and the overwhelming sadness she never before experienced, her memory returned to the days after when the water, still receding, had filled the parking lot with grocery carts from their chief competitor  to the west of them.

“Sue, we need help in aisle four, Mrs. Bouchard needs some help with her power cart…aagain.”


16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: A New Start at the Same Place

    1. Hi Doug,
      No, but I did to a Habitat building in Bay St Louis Mississippi almost 2 years after Katrina and the devastation that was still evident came to mind when I saw the prompt.



    1. Thanks Janet.
      I went with a group of people to Bay St Louis, Mississippi almost two years after the eye of Katrina when through to do a Habitat build. The destruction was still evident. But the resiliency of the people was wonderful.



  1. Nice one, Jim, and also not so nice. Thematically, it reads like a death and renewal/resurrection type story. If the photo prompt triggered a memory, it did for me too.

    1. Thanks Ann,
      See my comment to your Fictioneer post.
      Thanks for the follow and I am returning the follow with a follow of yours.



    1. Hi Patrick!
      Good question! I was in Bay St Louis, Mississippi nearly two years after Katrina hit and the resiliency of people (and kindness too) would lead me to believe that they eventually got to where they needed to be.



  2. Dear Jim,

    I’m assuming this is a cashier’s-eye-view? I can only imagine how difficult it was to pick up the pieces and return to a normal life after Katrina. Nice one.



    1. Thanks Rochelle. I took a group of people from my congregation and community to Bay St Louis, Mississippi in July of 2007 to do a Habitat build. The eye of Katrina went though BSL. Almost 2 years later the devastation was still evident.But the resiliency of the people was truly wonderful.

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