Friday Fictioneers: Time Out of The Bottle

This is my second installment of Friday Fictioneers that I discovered over at Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ blog Addicted to Purple. Thanks to all my fellow Fictioneers who welcomed me last week! Here is this weeks installment.

Suggestion: you might want to read last week’s post first. Go here

Feedback is welcomed!

Time Out of The Bottle


Jim Kane


A week after remembering her promise she traveled to a marina on the East River. Being an early Sunday morning, traffic was thankfully light. Carrying the old bottle, marked in the native tongue long forgotten containing a message in the same tongue, she relaxed on the aft deck of the yacht.

When the captain carefully navigated into a spot where the current moved into the Atlantic, he signaled to her that it was time. Looking at Miss Liberty and then at the bottle, she turned southeast and launched the bottle into the water.

The long awaited message traveled toward home.


13 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Time Out of The Bottle

    1. Thanks! My father’s mother was a first generation American as her mother was pregnant with her when they came to America in the 1890’s!

    1. Rochelle

      No she does not understand the native tongue. That would have been something her mother and father would have understood. Thanks for the question!


  1. Enjoyed that vision. The message in a bottle…hmmm, wonder if the message made it…there could be a sequel there somewhere. What did the message say? was it a plea for help, a call of praise… you leave one happily perplexed! 🙂

    1. Thanks! Well, I did not think of sequel, which of course this story is to last week’s story, until I started to write. Your thought will keep me thinking.



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