Friday Fictioneers: Memories In A Box

I recently started following Rochelle Wisoff-Fields blog Addicted to Purple and discovered her writing prompts called Friday Fictioneers. With the school year schedule settling in (but never settling down!) I thought I would try this week’s prompt. It is limited to 100 words and is based on a visual prompt she posts each week.  So here goes!


Memories In A Box

by Jim Kane


Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

With the dishes finished and put away, the day’s events of remembering and grieving were ending but her inward journey of grieving and remembering was continuing.  Quietly she walked into the small den and stood before the display.

It was a three-dimensional picture of their life together as sisters. No video or slide show could replace the powerful force of love and gratitude she felt that moment. Looking at the shells, she remembered the trips to the ocean from childhood to just a short month ago before death set in.

Smiling through tears she remembered a promise she had made.



10 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Memories In A Box

    1. Thank you! For one it keeps an open door to the story for another time. And it also continues the thought of honoring the deceased sister.

  1. Dear Jim,

    Welcome to the party pal. Where do you stand on people diving in and speaking their addle pated minds on your offerings? (constructive criticism welcomed?) Looking forward to more from you.



    1. Hi Doug!
      Jump right in! I have set up my comments section to close after a set period of time because a post I did several years ago became a battle ground between two people. So people have a set period of days in which to speak!


  2. Dear Jim,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers,

    You’ll find us to be a rather diverse group. I enjoyed your story. Poignant with a hopeful note. I look forward to reading more of you.



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