Empower: My One Word

I am continuing my re-reading plan (though I am certainly not on schedule any more!) of eight books that I selected in late spring to help methink through the implications and practice of empowerment.

My current re-read is the late Keith Miller’s The Secret Life of the Soul and as I have been re-reading it I am reminded that empowering others to serve the Lord as He has gifted and led them must require an attention to one’s soul and that having clarity about what is, and is not, going on inside of one’s soul is vitally important in faithfully and obediently following the Lord and allowing the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to cleanly and clearly operate. This clarity involves recognizing our motives and our tendencies which can stop God from fully working through us.

What I have greater clarity about as I read this book again is that in working with the Lord to empower others to I have to been aware of my own motives and tendencies and that part of empowerment is to help others learn to have the same kind of awareness.


empower picture 1


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