My Review of Bob Mayer’s Nightstalkers: The Book of Truths

Well they’re back for another interesting episode of sci-fi thrills and political tension!

In this second volume of the Area 51: Nightstalkers series,  Moms, Eagle, Nada, Roland,  Kirk, 17687569Ms Jones and Doc find themselves having to evict two squatters in the command center of an forgotten (at least by some) nuclear missile silo in the middle of the United States whose systems have gone active. But why? And for what reason?

The result is a truly unraveling yarn that will take the reader right up to the end of the book! Fast paced and with a plot line that twists back to World War 2, through the Cuban Missile crisis, the Cold War, and into the present, author Bob Mayer takes the reader on a journey in which the issue of truth goes on a wild ride as the plot unfolds and we end up in a White House gone bezerk because of a serum called ‘Cherry Tree,’ as a rouge general decides to start World War Three and uses the chaos to gain access to the WH Situation Room and the presidential launch codes. Joining the Nightstalkers in unraveling the mystery of a decades old code and the possibility of a nuclear launch, is the Cellar, the shadowy secret police of the spy world as they attempt a rescue of the White House staff, (including the staffer who is intrusted with the widely speculated about Book of Secrets) as well as the President and First Family, all of whom find themselves going on a wild ‘truth telling’ binge because of Cherry Tree.

I liked this book for its plot and the characters and I think that Mayer provides us with a commentary on the contemporary issues in regards to power, politics, and as implied in the title – truth.

I rate this book a ‘very good’ read.

Note: I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book via the Amazon Vine review program in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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