My Review of John Koehler’s Benjamin: The Road to Capernaum

First of all thanks to Koehler Books Publishing and Goodreads for the giveaway earlier this year which enabled me to win a copy of this book!

15812636A wonderful piece of fiction! Based on the Biblical account found in Mark 2 where four men bring a paralyzed friend to Jesus to be healed, Benjamin: The Road to Capernaum, is a fictionalized account of the unnamed paralytic and his life before and after his miraculous healing.

Koehler sets the story in 50’s AD Rome where Benjamin awaits his execution, along with other Christians, under the Coliseum in Rome where Benjamin narrates his story in alternating chapters which go back in time and then back to the present. Such an narrative style builds tension in the plot as Koehler weaves in key persons and episodes of the New Testament along the way which leads to Benjamin’s encounter in the Coliseum with the lions.

A bonus is a rough draft of a raw and gritty short story of a contemporary Benjamin who is disabled and a positive and loving encounter with God through a caring group of people who run a ministry for disabled persons.

Benjamin is an honest look at miracles, love, hate, but also faith, hope and love as it brings an unknown New Testament character to life in a way that is very understandable and inspirational.

I rate this book a “Magnificant” read!


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