A Hump Day Prayer of Gratitude and Thanks

Good and Gracious God

English: Pentecostals Praising Location: http:...
English: Pentecostals Praising Location: http://memory.loc.gov/pnp/fsa/8c00000/8c00800/8c00864r.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Because we believe that you are good and gracious we come to with gratitude and thanks.

We are thankful for who You are;

Loving,  forgiving, truthful, Truth, redemptive

We thank You for Your salvation of us through Your one and only Son, Jesus Christ.

We thank You for the church and what it has meant to us over the years, even in her imperfections!

We thank You for Your Holy Spirit who convicts, encourages, and comforts us as, and when, we need it.

We are grateful for all that You have provided us:





the magnificence of nature – both the plant and animal world



You are certainly a good and gracious God and we thank You!



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