A Hump Day Prayer for Children caring for their parents

English: My parents.
English: My parents. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Father God,

I come to You with gratitude for my parents. Though dad is in Your presence today I am grateful for the life and legacy he left.

And I pray for mom who is still recuperating from her surgeries today. I too thank You for her life and legacy.

It is wearying Lord to wait by the bed and wait from afar as a parent seeks to gain their strength back from illness and surgery so they can move on with the life they. So I ask for the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical strength AND stamina as I walk with mom in this season of life.

I pray today for other adult children who are dealing with caring for their parents.

Some Lord are dealing with difficult decisions as to what a parent wants and does not want regarding care.

Others Father God are dealing with determining what to do about such care because the parent is unable to make that decision.

Still others are wrestling with all sorts of emotions – guilt, jealousy, anger, sadness, grief and the like as they care for their parents.

Even today Lord, other children are waiting in waiting rooms as important and serious surgery is being done and yet other sons and daughters are traveling because the news is not good.

In all cases dear Jesus, we ask that Your presence will be felt this day.

And Father, for those who deal with caring for parents as an only child or one whose siblings are no longer alive or able to be “there” grant Your grace for them this day.


In Jesus’ name.



2 thoughts on “A Hump Day Prayer for Children caring for their parents

  1. As always very meaningful. My parents are 86 and 87. Dad a full-time pharmacist at a local hospital, but Mom is going to have a shoulder-replacement op next month, so mortality is a touchy subject right now, and your prayer timely. Thanks.

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