My Review of Dan Mayland’s The Leveling

“When he’d first met Daria, she’d been a young, naive idealist. And he’d been a cynical, burned-out spy. But since then, a 17199425leveling of sorts had taken place between them.”

Mark Sava is back and this time he is kicked out of one country, finds out that a friend has disappeared then goes on a search to find him, and leads the reader on chase through two other countries as he and a former colleague and lover, follow a trail of emails, photos and interesting characters to find the out the truth of the disappearance and unravel a plot to provoke the US to attack Iran and enable oil to flow to the east as a corrupt scheme operates in the high levels of the Iranian and Chinese governments.

The result is another fast paced story of politics, greed and power in Dan Mayland’s second novel The Leveling. 

As with his first novel The Colonel’s Mistake the main action takes place in central Asia and features Mark Sava, an ex-CIA station chief who is now teaching at a western university in Azerbaijan. Joining him on the latest adventure is his former colleague and lover Daria Buckingham as they seek to find a colleague who is kidnapped after discovering a plot between elements of the Iranian and Chinese governments over oil. The result is another fast paced novel with lots of action and sub-plots.

In my review of Mayland’s first novel, I described Sava as “not a cerebral and orthodox Jack Ryan of  Red October or Patriot Games nor the sophisticated James Bond. He is a tough, gritty, and cynical and more in the vain of Jason Bourne.” In this novel, Sava is softer and less sure of himself at times while Daria has become more hard edge. But the fast paced action is still there and it makes for a great book.

I liked Mayland’s first novel and I liked this one as well!

I rate this novel a ‘very good’ read.

Note: I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Amazon Vine in exchange for a review. I was not required to write a positive review.


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